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Join us for a Saturday morning of best practices and innovative ideas for the Spanish classroom. See for yourselves what others are saying about the way Edinumen USA is changing the Spanish teaching landscape in the US.
Saturday April 13, 2023
Zoom Meeting
9:00-noon EST
Free sessions for Spanish teachers:
Building Proficiency: From Passion to Practice
Session Description: As elementary Spanish teachers, we are united by our passion for the languages and children we teach. The balance between meeting standards and engaging our students is a delicate one, and we often find ourselves choosing between an adorable activity that entertains our students but misses the point or using activities that are a poor match for students' ages and interests. In this interactive session, participants will analyze a variety of resources using the World Readiness Standards for Learning Languages and developmental appropriateness to create lessons that engage students and build proficiency.
400 Million Insights: Using the World-Wide Spoken Corpus to Transform
Beginning and Intermediate Spanish Courses (6-12 and Higher Ed) There are more than 400 million entries in the world-wide Spanish corpus, which has been collected over the past decade by the various national offices of the Real Academia Espanola. Think of it: over 400 million digitized transcriptions of conversations in all kinds of contexts, from all over the Spanish-speaking world -- and these data can be searched for real-life language usage patterns. Imagine what we could do with that! But how DO we include these insights and patterns that this vast corpus can give us? Where do we start, and how do we use what we find?
Professional Development Certificates will be provided as well as several raffles for scholarships to the Edinumen USA/Universidad de Salamanca Summer Institute.
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